Welcome to Vireo Thesis
& Dissertation Submission System

The on-time submission deadline for December graduation is October 30, 2020. If you are unable to finish the submission during a single session, you can return later and pick up where you left off; however, you must complete the process by the published deadlines.



The UNT Graduate Council approved a new embargo policy for UNT ETDs, beginning with May 2020 submissions - please see Item 4, below.

Once you have begun your submissions, please be on the look-out for yellow "sticky notes" within the application, that contain specific and/or detailed instructions.  These are intended to make things easier and more clear, so it is worth your time to read what they have to say.

1. The thesis or dissertation you upload here must be a single PDF file, and must include all committee-, department- and/or college-level edits.  It must be the absolute final version.  FINAL MEANS FINAL. ONLY READER-REQUESTED EDITS PERMITTED AFTER SUBMISSION.

2.  Students are specifically encouraged to submit their Word file as a "source" file type, in addition to the PDF.  In some (not all) cases, access to the Word file significantly shortens the review/approval time needed.

3. If you have sought and obtained permission to reproduce copyrighted material, you will need to upload an electronic copy of all permissions. You will also need to specifically identify where the material can be found in the dissertation/thesis, e.g., page number.

4. *All* theses and dissertations will be published by the UNT Libraries after degrees have been posted.  The Graduate Council approved new embargo policy for the UNT copy, beginning with May 2020 submissions. Choice are completely open, or embargoed for a period of 6 months, 1 year, or 2 years. You must pick one of these options.  Remember, the choice you make will need to be approved by your major professor so it is important to discuss this with her/him prior to completing your submission.

5.  If you wish to make a copy of the thesis or dissertation available through ProQuest (PQ), you will need to opt in; it is no longer mandatory.  IMPORTANT: If you do *not* opt in to PQ, then do *NOT* select any kind of PQ availability/embargo option.  PQ does not need instructions for an item they will never receive.  That said, if you *do* choose to opt in, then any option you select also requires major professor approval, so be sure to discuss this with him/her prior to completing your submission.

6.  Speaking of major professors, be sure you enter the correct address for her/him, and that you have typed it correctly.  Professors cannot approve submissions if they never receive the Vireo email.

7. All submissions must have keywords included.  If you opt in to PQ, you will *also* need to add subject categories.  This is explained in more detail once within the Vireo application.

8. All Vireo communications are sent to UNT campus email addresses.  Check your "my.unt.edu" mailbox, including spam and/or junk folders regularly.

To get started with your submission, click the link below. You will be asked to authenticate using your EUID login.  If you experience difficulties logging in, you will need to contact UNT support at 940-565-HELP (4357) or ITHelp@untsystem.  If you experience any technical difficulties once inside Vireo, please contact Texas Digital Library:  https://www.tdl.org/support/

Your help can make things better

You feedback is very important to us; it allows us to continue to improve the system. Please feel free to notify us directly at dev@tdl.org if you have any suggestions to increase the usability or effectiveness of this application.